Technology Services

Architecture Planning and Design

Ourconsultants help enterprisesplan and design implementation of technology, based on years of early adopter and prior real world experience. Plans and designs not only address a specific technology, but address areas that integrate with the technology that might include security, directory integration, storage, high availability, mobile access, administration, and disaster recovery. We have the breadth and depth which helps ensure that thesolution is not onlyfocused on a single platform, but everything that touches and integrates with that platform.

Implementation and Migration Services

Our Architectsare known to roll up their sleeves and help organizations implement and integrate technology far beyond just the theoretical planning and designing, because of this when they plan and design they know firsthand what works and what requires a work around, tips and tricks for a successful implementation.

We offer IT System Infrastructure upgrade including Microsoft Windows Server, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange, legacy reverse proxy and VPN solutions. Our experts have extensive experience in upgrading production systems without interrupting any day to day operations

Cloud Hybrid Solutions

In today?s age most technology solutions are not solely focused on a Datacenter but also span across multiple Datacenters or may require integration into the cloud.

Sometimes complex solutions may be needed to provide a fully hybrid environment between on premises and the cloud. We at AIG Systems have Architects who are working with the latest cutting edge technologies and have already partnered with clients in Banking, Government, Judiciary and Corporate to provide the best possible solutions available.

Whether you are ready to move to the cloud or just looking for an expert to talk to, we can help. Cloud is not a one-size-fits-all solution. With years of experience migrating small and large customers to the cloud, we can help you determine and migrate to the right cloud architecture for your organization.

Some of the Could Solutions we offer are:

  • Exchange to Office 365 Migration.
  • Group Wise to Office 365 Migration.
  • Lotus Notes to Office 365 Migration.
  • Google Apps to Office 365 Migration.
  • Proof of concept and Pilot for Microsoft Office 365.
  • Plan, Design and implement Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Extend on premises network to Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Migrating Virtual Machines from VMware to Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Migrating Virtual Machines from Hyper-V to Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Proof of concept and Pilot for Microsoft Windows Azure.
  • Plan, Design and implement Amazon Web Services.
  • Extend on premises network to Amazon Web Services.
  • Migrating Virtual Machines from VMware to Amazon Web Services.
  • Migrating Virtual Machines from Hyper-V to Amazon Web Services.
  • Proof of concept and Pilot for Amazon Web Services.

Assessment Services

Internal Network Assessment

AIG Systems internal network assessment includes physical assessment of all discovered network devices as well as assessing the current network based on industry best practices.

The assessment is also done on the servers, running this scan generates a full report provided to the client of all the deficiencies and vulnerabilities in the domain environment from patching, antivirus, Active Directory health summary, and recommendations for remediation. Also available with this assessment are follow-ups and comparison scans with detailed report.

Internal Security Assessment

AIG Systems will assess patching, antivirus, local user policy, password policy, remote connectivity to workstations and servers, VPN connections, and other third party software on application servers. This service includes the Internal Network Assessment with the addition of manual inspection of configuration on firewall, workstation, and servers on the network.

External Security Assessment

AIG Systemswill work with you to perform network penetration testing utilizing acquired skills and techniques as well as automated tools to identify and exploit vulnerabilities in client?s network and computer systems. This approach emulates the tactics used by an outsider attacker, with malicious intent, whose goal is to attempt to crack the security of network and computer systems. The penetration testing performed by AIG System will be undertaken according to the rules of engagement agreed upon by both parties.

Business Continuity Assessment

AIG Systems business continuity experts will work with you to determine your company?sminimum IT system that should be functional, after an evaluation of current technologies in use and the recommend solutions based on industry best practices.